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Parker Locksmith Store Memphis, TN 901-821-0166Everyone is busy digitizing these days, including businesses. Files and papers are still going to be around, though – and so you need file cabinets to store your information in. File cabinet locks keep your important documents and papers safe from nosey employees and thieves or vandals. If you need new file cabinet locks in Memphis, TN, you can contact Parker Locksmith Store. We are a professional commercial locksmith that can get you new ones or repair or rekey your old ones. We can also unlock jammed file cabinets in quick time. We are known for being a reliable local locksmith business you can turn to during emergencies as well as for ordinary requests.

Get File Cabinet Locks installed today!

Now all file cabinets come with locks. We can install high-security file cabinet locks for you in a short span of time. It’s always a good idea to secure your confidential business files, plans, and documents by placing them in a file cabinet and locking them. Our lock models are easy to operate too and some of them have automatic mechanisms, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time locking or unlocking them.

Choose from a wide range of locks

Not all file cabinets are located in the workplace. If you have a file cabinet at home, you can keep the kids out by having us install push locks. If you need something high-security, we can install a combination lock or something that opens only with a key. We offer a range of locks for a wide variety of scenarios and budgets.

File cabinet unlocking/locking/rekeying

Did a key break inside the lock on your file cabinet? Or is the cabinet stuck and won’t open? Parker Locksmith Store can open it for you, using our highly advanced tools, without damaging the cabinet or the lock in any way. We can also fix locks and install new ones. Apart from lock fixing, we can also make you new keys on-site in minutes.

24-hour locksmith services

Are you looking to hire us overnight to replace the locks on all your file cabinets? Or do you need a cabinet opened immediately? Parker Locksmith Store is a 24-hour emergency locksmith service that can reach your location in less than 30 minutes, usually. We can install new file cabinet locks in a short span, too.

To get new file cabinet locks or repair old ones, call Parker Locksmith Store on 901-821-0166