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When it comes to residential locksmith needs, Parker Locksmith Store has got you covered. We offer any and all residential locksmith services throughout Memphis, including tasks, big and small. Our goal is to provide you peace of mind, and the feeling of your home being safe and secure. You should expect nothing less for your home, your family and all your special things.

The residential locksmith specialists at Parker Locksmith Store are up for any job, including letting you into your house when you have lost your keys, installing or replacing locks, deadbolts, and cylinders, and enhanced locking systems, such as digital locks. Among the possibilities, we can recode tumblers, establish a master key system, and make recommendations about various high-security locks.

There are many valid reasons to change the lock of your home. Our locksmiths are skilled and have vast experience when it comes to replacing locks. In the case of a forced entry, it is imperative to change locks. In case the lock has been broken at your home, immediate lock repairs are necessary. Our courteous staff will help you out and repair & change locks immediately, depending on your requirement. New locks installation will happen in a single session and you can be confident that your home is safe again.  Along with that, they will give you tips that you can use to up your home security.
Locks that are old or have gone through a lot of wear and tear may also need immediate replacement. They can become dysfunctional and there is a high probability that such locks can be easily broken. To reinforce the security of your house and take appropriate security measures it is highly advisable to replace old and worn out locks. Replacing old locks can be tricky sometimes as they can be jammed into their position and you would need a professional who has years of experience.


Some of our services include the following:

  • 24/7 locksmith servicesParker Locksmith Store Memphis, TN 901-821-0166
  • Residential lockout help
  • Pop-a-lock open
  • Key duplication and key cutting
  • Broken key extraction
  • High-security locks based on your needs
  • Garage door installation
  • Installation of garage door locks
  • Tenant eviction service
  • Installation of mailbox locks
  • Copy keys for spare use
  • Master key system to open all doors with one key
  • Emergency unlock in case of a lockout


Whether you are looking to prohibit entry by a former tenant, or you need to assure your safety after a burglary, we can help you determine the best locking system for you. If you have been a victim of a crime, we know it’s a frightening experience. Many homeowners will choose to replace their locks or implement additional precautions such as installing digital locks. With additional security, the chances of a break-in come down and you are less prone to burglaries.

Our crew will carefully assess your current locking systems and make expert recommendations to fully protect your home against intrusion. By installing new garage door locks and installing digital locks you can make your premises safer. With the added security, you might also be able to save money on your insurance. Our considerate and competent residential locksmiths will work with you to find just the right solution for your needs

Whether it involves an emergency lockout situation or whether you want to replace broken locks, our team will expertly perform any duty they are hired for. So, get in touch with us at 901-821-0166 and our representative will be happy to discuss your needs and then suggest a remedy based on your requirements!